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Whatever equipment you're working on, your local FAST® Parts distributor has the compressor you need at a price you'll love. Our distributors stock competitive replacement compressors for MILLIONS of R-410A and R-22 installations, including:

  • Copeland Scroll Compressors in single and tandem models.
  • LG Scrolls with solid copper stubs and discharge thermal cut-out.
  • Danfoss Commercial Scrolls as drop-in replacements for Trane®.
  • Bristol drop-in replacement for Copeland recips and Trane® Climatuff® recips.
  • R-22 Recips by Copeland, Tecumseh and Bristol.
  • Components and Accessories: Driers, TXVs, solenoid valves, accumulators and more.

How to Use the FAST Cross Reference to Find a Compressor

Just as important...we also provide tools to help you choose the right compressor for every job.
  • Click on the Product Selection/Cross Reference button at the top of a page on the site or click here to go directly to the tool.
  • Click on "Hermetic Compressors." Or, you can click on the compressor photo on the search page. You can also click here to open the compressor cross reference.
  • Choose how you want to search. You can find compressors based on either the product's specifications or the manufacturer's model number.
  • Fill out a simple form to let the system know the specifications or model number of the compressor you need.
  • Click the "Submit Search" button. The system will give you a list of compressors available for your project.

Check Out Our FAST Compressor Guide
Our Compressor Guide includes specifications and competitive cross reference information on hundreds of compressors plus listings of accessories and aftermarket cycle components.

Click here to view the Compressor Guide.

To find your local FAST Parts Distributor, click here.

Copeland Scroll is a trademark of Emerson Electric Co. Trane and Climatuff are registered trademarks of Trane.